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Seek-it WEEE compliance

WEEE Recycling, Computer Recycling & E Waste recycling services

On-line ITC collection, assessment and recycling service.

A straightforward service aimed at organisations seeking efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for 'end of life' Computer & Office derived WEEE. Our services are designed to appeal to commercial, academic, Public sector and Social & Charitable organisations of all sizes. 'Bolt on' options can be added when required to cater for larger and more complex operations.

Our comprehensive service removes all redundant equipment, regardless of type, condition or age. WEEE compliance, data protection and full audit trail reporting system are in-built, ensuring your organisation remains at the forefront of environmentally responsible waste disposal.

Scroll over the Service Feature List below for further information or click here to register now. Please use the QuickQuote system below to calculate service cost.

Service features

triangle_bullet Collection or Delivery
Contemporary Solutions for Technological Waste

In under 5 minutes you could have a efficient and cost effective solution for all your IT & Office Equipment Disposal requirements.

To order our service complete our streamlined registration process. You can then place orders and manage the entire process online at the time that suits you.

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Price structure

Our price structure allows organisations to accurately predict disposal costs. Collection fees start from £22.50 and are based on your postcode and required vehicle capacity.

Equipment processing charges are based on the treatment of hazardous components and materials they contain. Computer base units and inkjet printers contain little hazardous waste and are straightforward to demanufacture thus attract a lower charge. Monitors both CRT and LCD contain hazardous substance such as mercury, lead and phosphor which requires expensive treatment. Laser printers contains hazardous elements and are often difficult to demanufacture.

Please use our rapid cost calculator below for an accurate assessment of your disposal costs.

INSTRUCTIONS: The calculator is based on our simple 4W concept, What type of Organisation, Where, When and What you want processed.

To start the Cost Calculator please first select an Organisation Type .
Organisation Type

Not for you?

Please note: This service is not suitable for equipment that is smashed, dismantled, wet, stored in a skip or other waste container. The Environment Agency consider equipment in this condition as waste, and in some cases Hazardous Waste Regulations will apply. Please contact us for a solution or further advice. We are registered as Waste Carriers and operate our own fully licensed Waste facility.

We have options that tackle:

Producer responsibility
Residue derived from ICT repair
Large scale equipment roll-outs/collections
Organisations that require high security data destruction methods such as Police, Defence and Health sectors

Please call 0845 8904321 or click here to contact us for further information

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